the marriage of sleek design and simplicity of use.

Do you really want a mobile conference app that can cook an omelet and play the trumpet? And more importantly, do you want to pay extra for useless features that your attendees won’t use?

Our web-based mobile guide is packed with features that meeting attendees want, and streamlined to eliminate ones that don’t make any sense..

meetsmart mobile‘s robust set of features includes…

works for everyone

meetsmart mobile works on all smartphones, tablets, and even your computer so participants have access to your meeting when, where, and how they want it.

full branding control

customized color palette, logos, navigation options, and even full white-labeling capabilities.

data in one place

meetsmart mobile embeds into your conference website and doubles as the online schedule, so you only have to manage data in one location.

personal account concierge

every client is assigned a personal account concierge, by your side every step of the way – including being on call while your meeting is taking place.

what’s on now and e-ads

real-time communications with attendees promote special happenings to boost participation.

valuable attendee metrics

find out how many people visited, what interested them, and track user patterns for future revenue optimization.

multi-map functionality

integration with Google maps, as well as separate map support for meeting rooms and the exhibit hall.

hosted session handouts

support for PPT presentations, PDF documents, Microsoft Word, Excel, and more.

custom home page & link

you’re in control with flexible home page options including a custom link to content of your choice.

surveys & evaluations

get attendee feedback on sessions, speakers, and more (optional feature)

real-time polling

engage your audience with text-based or web-based polling (optional feature)

interactive Attendee Connect

facilitate attendee connections and networking (optional feature)

For event planners, meetsmart mobile offers quick and painless data upload, a user-friendly dashboard, and unlimited administrative access for last-minute changes. After all, it’s your data… why shouldn’t you have control over it!